RDS - Dublin, November 13th, 14th, and 15th, 2018

A Life Changing Day for Generation Z

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What is Zeminar?

Zeminar is a social enterprise created to bring all those invested in the development and well-being of young people in Ireland to one place.

Zeminar is a Wellbeing & Education movement for Generation Z that caters for all 15-20 year olds and their parents, teachers, mentors and coaches, irrespective of academic ability or socio-economic background. Starting in 2016, we host the largest and most inclusive youth gathering ever seen in Ireland and in just 2 outings have already welcomed >30,000 attendees including 2,000 teachers; 220 Exhibitors; 125 Speakers/Performers through the doors.

Zeminar facilitates the introduction of young people to some of the best and most innovative organisations on this island. Throughout the event there are workshops, influential speakers, essential resources and fun activities. Attendees will leave the event with new knowledge to help them live happier, safer, and more fulfilling lives.

In addition Zeminar Presents is a talks series hosted on both Facebook and YouTube, whereby the messages delivered by Zeminar speakers are recorded and presented for all to see. Therefore, even if attendance is not possible, anyone can share in the impactful messages delivered at the event.

2018 Speakers ...so far

Mini Zeminars

There are 9 mini Zeminar's for attendees to explore. These hubs will offer attendees the opportunity to gain information on everything from stress management and mental health to healthy life choices, career selection to an Irish Language Hub, informative talks to sports and hobby associations and everything else in between. All exhibitors will bring something experiential to the event, giving attendees the chance to practice new skills, try out new things and meet professionals within different spaces.

Main Stage

Motivational and inspirational speakers sharing their stories. Our talks will be recorded and shared on social media throughout the year to maximize exposure and impact.

WellBeing Gym

A place where attendees can learn to look after their mind, body and soul. Exhibitors will be providing life changing information and will make use of large workshop spaces.

The Spin Social Scene

An area reserved for attendees to reflect on the event, meet others students from around the country, and simply have fun.


Ceantar sóisialta do dhaoine óga lena scíth a ligint, le ceardlanna idirghníomhacha agus béim ar an nGaeilge. A social area for young people to relax in, with interactive workshops and lots of fun in Gaeilge.

C.E.O Boss It!

This hub will provide attendees essential information on career choices, exam preparation and the opportunities that are available to them.

Club Corner

National clubs and associations showcasing their organisation, all in the aim of increasing participation in their sport/hobby but also promoting the additional services they have.

Youth Org United

A space for the many youth organisation in the country to come and exhibit, their mandate, to increase participation and get attendees involved.

Activation Zone

Science, technology, and exhibitor space for broadening horizons and captivating one's imagination.

Event Location

The RDS Main Arena,
10 Merrion Rd,
Dublin, Ireland

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3 days ago


Emily Duffy is a young lady in a hurry - not to make money like many of her contemporaries, but to make an impact.

Back in 2014 Emily was struck by the high levels of homelessness in Ireland and knew she wanted to make a difference but what she didn’t realise was how long it would take. In second year Emily and her friends held a fundraising event for Novas Initiative, a homeless charity in Limerick. While planning the fundraiser Emily began researching homelessness and realised that it was a much bigger problem in Ireland than they had ever imagined, with statistics from Focus Ireland saying there was over 5,000 people homeless in Ireland at any one point. She decided to focus on people sleeping rough on the streets and went on to invent the Duffily Bag, a sleeping bag for homeless people who are sleeping on the streets that protects them from many different things like the rain, attacks from the public and being set on fire to name a few.

Since then she has partnered with an organisation called the Mendicity Institute which provide services for homeless people. They currently employ up to 20 homeless people to make the Duffily Bags and the bags are being used around Ireland on the streets and in emergency accommodation. The bags are also being used by the refugees who were displaced from the Jungle Refugee camp in France.

Emily has really shown the power of what a simple idea can accomplish and in the process discovered a huge passion for social entrepreneurship, something she didn’t even know existed when this project started.
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1 month ago


What can you say about Mattress Mick that hasn't already been said.....well, this - he's one of the nicest people you'll ever meet and was an absolute star at Zeminar 2017 in the RDS. It was like having royalty in the house when he waltzed through the doors and the crowd went suitably wild.

His message is simple but no less impactful - I failed but I'm not a failure. In this short talk he recounts his fall from the top of the retail furniture industry and how he with the help of Paul Kelly, his alter ego and a massive dose of humility has sprung right back to the top!
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